Arbe is the first in the world to demonstrate ultra-high-resolution 4D imaging radar with post-processing and SLAM. Arbe’s chipset solution empowers OEMs and Tier-ones with a sensing solution that is 100 times more detailed than any other radar on the market, suited for every level of vehicle autonomy at affordable price.
Expected to be listed on NASDAQ through a business combination with Industrial Tech Acquisitions Inc.

Investment Date: July 2019
Investment Round: Series B (lead)
Press Releases:
-Arbe's 4D Imaging Radar Technology Wins Informa Tech Automotive Award 2021 for ADAS & Autonomous Product/Service of the Year
-Arbe Named As CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree
-BAIC Group's Deputy General Manager States that Arbe's Radar Technology Will be Installed in Mass-Produced Vehicles
-Weifu Has Started Shipping Arbe-Based Automotive Radar Units for Customer Pilots, Declaring They Are on Track to Reach Full Production by the End of 2022
-Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Arbe With the 2021 Europe New Product Innovation Award for Advancing Autonomous Vehicle Technology with Its 4D Imaging Radar Chipsets
-Arbe Robotics Ltd. And Industrial Tech Acquisitions, Inc. Announce The Scheduled Completion of Business Combination

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Amprius is a battery tech company based in the U.S., with break-through technology in silicon-anode batteries, and is the only company providing commercially available 450Wh/kg batteries, which is the highest energy density battery that is commercially selling in the world.

Investment Date: April 2021
Investment Round: Series E
Press Releases:
-Amprius Technologies Announces Breakthrough Extreme Fast Charge Capability of 80% Charge in Six Minutes
-Amprius Technologies, Inc. Secures Orders with UAS Innovator Kraus Hamdani Aerospace
-Amprius Technologies Awarded U.S. Army Contract to Develop 100% Silicon Anode Li-Ion Batteries using Si-Nanowire™
-Amprius (Nanjing) HESO Anode Materials System Enables High Energy Density EV Batteries

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Sakuu is an industrial solutions provider that delivered the world’s first multi-material, multi-method additive manufacturing (AM) solution for agile, cost-effective, high volume production of complex, functional, active component devices. Sakuu’s AM platform enables manufacturers within the energy sector to achieve significant improvements in the cost, performance and range of current solid-state battery options. Beyond energy, Sakuu’s AM platform opens up application possibilities in a host of other sectors, among them aerospace and automotive, consumer electronics, IoT and medical—collectively an $800 billion digital manufacturing transformation.

Investment date: August 2021
Investment Round: Series A2
Press Releases:
-Sakuú Corp Completes Follow-on Financing Advancing Toward Commercialization & Production of SSBs
-Sakuú Corporation Announces Start of Pilot Facility for Solid State Batteries
-Sakuú Corporation Develops 3Ah Lithium Metal SSB that Offers Improved Energy Performance over Market
-Sakuu Corp. Awarded Three New Patents to Support New Opportunities for Breakthrough Applications
-Sakuu Poised to Unlock Mainstream Adoption of E-Vehicles with World’s First EV Battery 3D Printer
-Sakuu Corporation Receives Additional Strategic investment from Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.

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H2Pro, a company based in Israel, is disrupting the global energy market by creating novel and cost-effective systems to produce Green Hydrogen (i.e. non-fossil based Hydrogen generation). H2Pro’s novel technology, which splits water into hydrogen and oxygen in two different phases, results in much higher efficiency (95%), significantly lower CAPEX, higher production pressure, and unparalleled safety compared with current electrolysis methods. This enables it to compete on price with any hydrogen production technology, in this $780M Green Hydrogen market today and up to $12T market by 2050. Current co-investors include Bill Gates-founded Breakthrough Energy Ventures, New Fortress Energy, Hyundai, Sumitomo, Horizons Ventures and Bazan.

Investment date: December 2021
Investment Round: Series B
Press Releases:
-H2Pro Raises $22 Million to Scale Breakthrough Hydrogen Production System
-Israeli firm to build country's first green hydrogen project
-Gates Fund Backs HyPro For $1/kg Green Hydrogen

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